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                                                   C-Note to See Notes

                      Your alternative to One-On-One Personal Training.
    Each of us get caught up in following workout routines that we’ve been using for months at a time. In fact, I’ve heard of people following the same exercise routine for YEARS! Say what!!!!
    Here’s the deal…you gotta switch things up. In order to see improvements in your physique, you have to use different training methods that will break through plateaus so your muscles can respond.  Keep those muscles guessing. Make the most important muscle work harder than usual. That most important muscle is your brain. It needs to process new movements, angles, tempo, etc. to transfer that info to your body’s software system, the Central Nervous System (CNS), which signals the muscles to move. You gotta move it move it; with new mentally stimulating information.
    Here’s how the C-Note to See Notes program works:
    Email your goals along with ONE workout routine and/or ONE workout video of your routine to actionfigurefit@gmail.com.  I’ll critique it and send you an email with my notes which will contain my suggestions, tips, and a new workout program that will be useful for up to four weeks before you need to change things up again. Once you’ve accumulated a few different routines, you’ll have a collection of various exercise programs where you’ll be able to rotate your exercises every four weeks.
    Also included in this program is a 15 minute phone consultation where we cover any questions you may have regarding your new routine.
    If you're interested in plant-based nutrition, click here.
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