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                                           AFF 3,2,1 Exercise System

    I’ve created an exercise system that’s easy as 3, 2, 1! You can add any three exercises you choose into my 3, 2, 1 ActionFigureFit™ Exercise System. Here’s how it works:
    3 exercises…
    2 minutes work…
    1 minute rest between sets!
    Repeat for as many rounds as you’d like. Start with at least 3 rounds and work up to 6…if you can hang.
    Things you’ll need:
    *Countdown Timer (use any timer that alerts you when you have reached 2 minutes)
    Set your timer to 2 minutes. Begin your routine starting with 5 repetitions for each of the three exercises of the exercise program. Once you have completed 5 repetitions for each exercise, immediately start with the first exercise but increase your repetitions to 10 repetitions for each exercise. If there is still time on the timer after you’ve completed all three exercises for 10 repetitions, immediately begin the first exercise in an attempt to achieve 15 repetitions. Once the timer beeps at 2 minutes, the round is over. That concludes one round. Rest 1 minute and repeat for at least 3 rounds.
    Here’s the bottom line, start the workout with 5 reps, and increase by fives until the time runs out.
    Go get it!
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