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    About Antjuane Sims

    As a Certified Personal Trainer, I found it fascinating how many clients (in the circle of Personal Trainers) would “see the light” after their Doctor would provide them with very similar information the Personal Trainer gave them prior to their Doctor’s appointment. Information, of course, related to exercise and in some cases, how to manage minor injuries. Don’t get me wrong, I HAVE MUCH RESPECT FOR DOCTORS…ALL DOCTORS, no matter the field; Phd, ND, MD, DO, DC, DPM, DVM, you name it, I respect it. The course work they study is brutal, their schedules are hectic, and the pressure is intense…and that’s all in the first year!


    What does any of this have to do with me? In my 20 plus years in the Health & Fitness industry, I’ve contributed to helping improve the quality and health of many. I started out as an athlete, involved in various sports, teams, and competitions. (The full version of my story is in my book, ‘BACK to The Basics of Exercise’).


    As a result of my experience, education, and success in helping others, I’ve had the pleasure of giving people the tools to fight against two of the most prominent health issues we face as a human race; obesity and malnutrition. In the process of helping others, I’ve learned that if you transform your mind, your body will follow.


    In our society, the message of good health carries more weight when delivered by one who wears a Doctor’s coat, so, I created 'Dr. TransFIRMation' to help promote the message of good health through exercise, nutrition, and mental focus. Like a traditionally trained Doctor, Dr. TransFIRMation cares for the health and well being of all who visit ActionFigureFit.com. 




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